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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
$5.00 S&H  


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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
Never buy bottled water again! Enjoy the purest home-filtered water available for pennies per day. Our high quality Reverse Osmosis system with the 6 STAGE process gives you the great tasting water you want and removes the unhealthy chemicals and contaminants you don't. Complete unit comes equipped with all necessary filter elements, a sturdy metal filter mounting bracket, high impact plastic filter housings, long reach goose neck faucet with mounting hardware, filter wrench, quick shut off water valve, pressure rated tubing and high quality connections for excellent security against breakage and leaking. Detailed installation and use guide also included. Retail price = $499.95

5 Micron Carbon Block Filter
  • STAGE 1 � removes sediment, dust, rust
  • STAGE 2 � removes offensive chlorine. Also removes odor and bad taste.

    Polypropylene Sediment Filter
  • STAGE 3 � Further removes water contaminating particles as small as 5 microns and protects the RO membrane.

    Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • STAGE 4 � Removes 95% of total dissolved solids (organic and inorganic) and has a 95% rejection rate of salt (NaCl) through the reverse osmosis process to produce UP TO 50 gallons per day of high quality water.

    Carbon Post Filter
  • STAGE 5 � Further removes remaining containments to improve taste and eliminate odor.

    RO Water Storage and Delivery Tank
  • STAGE 6 � Storage and delivery tank holds 3.2 gallons of pure RO water.</ul>
    - Say good-bye to
    costly bottled water, heavy water lugging, limited faucet filters, short-life 3-4 stage ROs.

    - Get unlimited
    ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking, ice & coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding, beauty washing, dietary/medical uses, and precious plants watering.

    - Tremendous savings
    bottled/delivered water = $0.79/gal RO water = $0.02/gal. You save $ 0.77/gal. If you use 3 gallons per day, 1,095 gallon per year, you save $ 843 per year!

    - Very affordable
    factory-direct water filter prices at 50% less than retail prices.

    - Live healthier
    with reverse osmosis ultra-clean, ultra-safe water �up to 99% free of unwanted substances commonly found in tap and well water. Most recommended by doctors, dietitians, and happy RO users �their advice: �Don�t drink tap water!

    - So easy
    to install and use. Fits under the sink with no special plumbing. Easy filter change, maintenance-free.

    Comes with two pre-filters

    (RO stands for Reverse Osmosis)


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